The Film

The Mercury Cycle is a psychological thriller, Directed by Cody Hoerig and Written by Vincent Grippi. The film is unique because it was produced and shot entirely while the crew was still attending classes at Quinnipiac University, in Connecticut.


Vincent Grippi wrote The Mercury Cycle in the summer before his senior year of studying media production at Quinnipiac University. Within the first weeks of the school year, Grippi and fellow students, Cody Hoerig, and Zachary Salsman, sat down and discussed the script. Knowing they had something special on their hands, the three students decided they would defy the odds and attempt to bring The Mercury Cycle to life as a full-length feature film. No time was wasted, and within weeks The Mercury Cycle had its own crew of talented and promising young students recruited from the University’s film society.


After 4 long months of pre-production, The Mercury Cycle was ready to begin shooting. Principal photography officially began on January 6th 2009, in Westchester, New York. Shooting continued throughout the second semester of the school year, as the crew was still attending classes full-time. Despite the immeasurable odds they faced, the cast and crew of The Mercury Cycle continued production on the film. Along the way, the production managed to garner significant attention from various news outlets and supporters all over New York and New England. The film was commonly praised for its stunning professionalism in both its craft and appearance.


On June 13th 2009, The Mercury Cycle officially wrapped principal photography, after 6 consecutive months of shooting. The film endured a year and a half of thorough post-production, utilizing Soundtrack Studios as well as Postworks in New York City and crew members that were located around the globe.


In June of 2011, post-production wrapped, marking the completion of The Mercury Cycle.