The Crew

Cody Hoerig



The creative life journey of Cody Hoerig started in the still photography realm. However, it was only a matter of time until he realized his calling was in the motion picture industry. While attending film school, Cody helped create and establish a wildly successful film society that would go on to win multiple awards and accolades. An opportunity of a lifetime presented itself in The Mercury Cycle, and Cody stepped up to Direct and Produce his first feature, while still an undergraduate. With The Mercury Cycle now completed Cody is developing multiple music video projects and freelances on the side, while he keeps his eyes wide open for the next great project.

I subscribe to the notion that the best mentor is “life itself”; use life and its experiences, the people you meet, and the things that happen, as a guiding source for inspiration and knowledge. You can never stop learning from the world around you, no matter how old and experienced you are. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop living.”


Vincent Grippi



It all started for Vincent when he wrote his first short story, “What Happened to Jack,” at the youthful age of 11. He quickly discovered he had an atypical talent in storytelling, therefore he dedicated most of his free time writing stories and distributing them to his peers. It wasn’t long before Vincent’s high school english teacher learned of his writing talents and thusly began publishing his creative writings in college editorials throughout the United States.

As time passed, Vincent’s writings grew stronger and his projects began to burgeon. He soon embraced his sharp business mentality and paired it with his creative talents to venture into film production. The rest was history, as Vincent has been fortunate enough to have written, produced, and marketed an impressive catalog of feature length films, novels, short stories, and stand-up comedy specials. Aside from his creative endeavors, Vincent has coordinated marketing and sales strategies for prosperous digital startups while living in both New York and Los Angeles.

Zach Salsman

Director of Photography/Producer


Growing up in a small town outside of Boston, Zach Salsman developed a passion for film at a young age. After attending film school, Zach worked as a freelance D.P in the Boston area while working part time at a camera house.  Soon after shooting his first feature, The Mercury Cycle, he packed up his camera gear and shipped out to L.A to further his career in the film biz. Since arriving in L.A, Zach has shot numerous narrative, commercial and documentary pieces including his second feature, Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story, which won the Rising Star Award at the Canadian International Film Festival. Zach has been continually praised for his versatility and professionalism on set.



Additional Crew


JUSTIN WHITKIN – Production Designer

BRIANNE RICHARD – First Assistant Director

KATIE BLISS – Script Supervisor

AARON MILLER – Location Sound

JOSH SCHNITZER – Lead Camera Operator


CLAIRE CURRIE – Makeup & Wardrobe

MICHAEL FOWLER – Dialog Editor & ADR Recordist

ROGER MIDDENWAY – Sound Designer & Supervising Sound Editor


KYLE AMBUSK – Assistant Editor

CHRIS DiBERADINO – Colorist & Online Editor

DONALD BAILEY – Associate Producer

VINCENT GRIPPI – Executive Producer